Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stuffed Bunny Rabbit

Knifty Knitter Bunny Pattern
1. Using three loops, taking one loop over two loops, create the legs using only one side of the pink loom. Start in the center on the pink loom (6 pegs from the edge of the loom) and go around the corner to the center or 6th peg from the edge on the other side. Create a leg that is 5.5 inches long. Knot and cut the string, but do not remove the leg from the loom.
2. Begin knitting on the other side of the loom to create the other 5.5-inch long leg.
3. When finished, begin knitting all the way around the loom to create an 11-inch long tube. The head will be 5.5 inches and the body will be 5.5 inches long.
4. Sew through each loop and gather all the loops tightly together at the top with the yarn needle and knot. Turn the bunny inside out.
5. Create the arms by using 10 pegs and knitting back and forth until you have 4 inches. Gather the loops together and sew up the side of the arm. Turn inside out. Stuff with stuffing. Create two.
6. Stuff the head of the rabbit by creating a ball of stuffing the size of a large softball. Create a small baseball amount of stuffing for the snout. Sew 5.5 inches down around the neck and pull to desired look. Add ribbon to the neck. Stuff the body as desired. Add a pom-pom to the back for a tail.
7. Gather up the bottom of the leg by sewing in and out through each bottom loop, pull tight and knot. Sew up the leg, stuff both legs with stuffing, and sew down the other leg and gather the bottom of the leg, knot, and hide threads in bunny leg.
8. Sew an oval around the baseball amount of stuffing in the face. With the pink embroidery floss sew an upside down triangle with a line coming down the middle ending in a smile. The eyes are three buttons sewn together.
9. Sew the arms on just below the neck on each side by sewing in the arm and into the body all the way around the arm.
10. The ears are created by using 7 pegs and knitting for 8 inches, then reducing the two ends to 5 pegs and knitting two more rows, then reducing the ends to 3 pegs and knitting for two more rows, and finally reducing to one peg and pulling the thread through and knotting the yarn. It is optional, but you can sew on pink material to the ribbed side of the ears before sewing the ears on the bunny head.

What you will need:

Provo Craft Supplies
Other Supplies
  • 2 Skeins of yarn (Patons Divine brand, 5 Bulky 3½ oz./100g, 06011 Soft Earth)
  • ¼ yard of pink material
  • Pink embroidery floss for the nose and mouth
  • Buttons for eyes (or whatever you choose)
  • Ribbon for around the neck
  • Stuffing material
  • Yarn needle

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