Thursday, April 24, 2014

Beaded Hat

Knifty Knitter Beaded HatKnifty Knitter Bead Instructions

1. You will be making a regular hat just like the instructions that came with the looms.
2. Using one strand of the Jiffy yarn, thread on 93 beads. (This sample used mini pony beads'"white, yellow, green and blue.) String the beads on the yarn and push them down the yarn strand about 5 or 6 yards.
3. Knit 10 rows. On the 11th row, take the yarn to the outside of the loom and lay the yarn over the groove in the peg. The bead will position between the pegs.
4. Knit the loop over the yarn between the beads. Hold the yarn loosely when knitting the bead row.
5. Knit 3 rows and then another row of beads. Continue until you have 3 rows of beads on the brim of the hat. Knit one more row, then pull the inside of the hat up and put the bottom row on the loom to make the brim.
6. Continue knitting 15 more rows and string a piece of yarn through the loops on the loom and draw up to make the top.
7. Top knot: Using some of the left over beads, thread them on the yarn and wrap the yarn so that the beads end up in the middle of the loops (not all of the loops have beads). Tie in the middle and attach to the top of the hat.
8. This hat will fit a small child. The colors and the way you add the beads can make for a wide variety of styles and looks.
What you will need:
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