Wednesday, April 23, 2014

V Neck Sweater

Knifty Knitter Sweater

Knifty Knitter Sweater InstructionsKnifty Knitter Sweater Instructions
1. This a women's size large X-large
2. Body: using both yarns together wrap all of the pegs (41) and knit a flat piece until it is 17" long. Take the piece off of the loom by crocheting a single crochet in the first loop and continue to the next peg and crochet very loose, so that it does not pull up the knitted piece. You will need to make 2 pieces; one for body front and one for back.
3. Sleeves: using both yarns together wrap all of the pegs (41) and knit a two flat pieces until they are 12" long.
4. Construction: lay the front and back pieces together side to side. Put the binding off ends to the top. Sew with a yarn needle and one strand of yarn (the knitting worsted yarn is best) the side seams. See instruction diagram.
5. Mark the center front and back. Sew the sleeves from the centers to the under arm seam. See diagram. Put the bind off sides to the neck (these ends are a little more secure). Do a simple single crochet stitch around all of the outer edges, using one strand of the knitting worsted yarn.

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