Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Stocking Pattern for the Knifty Knitter Red Round Loom

Knifty Knitter Christmas Stocking
This pattern makes a large Christmas stocking to hold plenty of toys from Santa.

What you will need:
    Knifty Knitter Christmas Stocking
  1. Using 2 strands of red yarn as if they are one, ewrap all pegs on the red loom twice.
  2. Knit a row.
  3. Ewrap one more row and knit. Continue until the knit reaches 6.5 inches.
  4. Pull the first row of knit up through the inside of the loom and place it on the pegs. Knit. (This creates a cuff on the top of the stocking.
  5. Change the yarn color to 2 strands of green. Knit 29 rows, or approximately 8 inches.
  6. The next few steps will create the heel of the stocking. Change the yarn color back to 2 strands of red. Wrap to the 15th peg. Knit. Wrap back to peg 1. Knit.
  7. Remove the loops from peg 1 and 2. Pull 2 through 1. Place the loop back on peg 2.
    Remove the loops from peg 14 and 15. Pull 15 through 14. Place the loop back on peg 14.
  8. Ewrap the heel pegs and knit.
  9. Continue to decrease the width of the knit by pulling the loops at the edge of the knit through the previous loop before knitting. (Loop 2 through 3, and loop 13 through 14.) When you've done this 3 times, you will have 3 empty pegs on each side.
  10. With the remaining 9 pegs, knit four rows.
  11. Now, you'll begin to add stitches, or increase stitch. Each time you knit to the end of a row, add a stitch to an empty peg. When you've done this six times, all the empty pegs will be filled. 
  12. Using the green yarn, knit 27 more full rounds. 
  13. Change to the red yarn and knit 10 rows. This is the toe of the stocking.
  14. Run the working yarn through all the loops on the loom to remove them one by one. Pull the working yarn tight to cinch closed the toe of the stocking. Tie off the yarn.
  15. Turn the stocking inside out and use the remaining yarn to stitch the two sides of the heel closed.


  1. I think your patterns sound really neat, but it would be great to see some pictures of the finished product. Thank you!

    1. Hi Ms. Palmer. I'd love to post pictures, but don't have any yet. All I have is the pattern. I hope that you enjoy it until I do get some photos taken. Have a nice day.

  2. hey! super good guide. BUT, there seems to be a typo on step 7. Instead of saying 15 through 14, it should be 14 through 15. THANKS AGAIN!!

  3. True 15 to 14 it should be 14 through 15 thanks again I try both ways


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