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Free Knifty Knitter Mittens Pattern

Pattern for Knifty Knitter Mittens
Pattern for Knifty Knitter Mittens|HS Schulte
The Knifty Knitter blue round loom is used for all sizes of mittens. The blue loom is the smallest in the set of round looms. These mittens are incredibly warm, as they are knitted using two strands of yarn together to create a thick finished knit. The mittens are knitted using the one-over-two stitch, which is an easy stitch for beginners to loom knitting.

Knitting the Thumb for the Mittens

Wrap nine pegs of the loom using the e-wrap and two strands of yarn as one. Continue wrapping back and forth across these nine pegs until each peg has been wrapped three times. One of the most common mistakes a beginner makes when wrapping a loom is to wrap it too tightly. This makes it very difficult to knit off. When e-wrapping the loom, wrap very loosely.
  1. Knit-off by pulling the bottom loop on each peg up over the top of the next two loops on the peg. This method of knitting off is called a "one-over-two stitch," or "double stitch." Continue knitting off using the one-over-two stitch for 18 rows. This means that knitting off is done back and forth across the loom 18 times. At the end of each row, knit-off the end peg only once.
  2. Cut the tail of the yarn one foot long. Thread the tail through a yarn needle and use this needle to stitch up through each of the remaining two loops on each peg. Once all the loops have been removed from the Knifty Knitter loom, pull the yarn tight to gather up the sewn through edge. Tie the yarn to hold the gather, but do not cut it.
  3. Turn the knit so that the wrong side is facing out and stitch the thumb together using the yarn to sew down the length of the thumb.

Knitting the Body of the Mittens

  1. E-wrap 22 pegs of the blue Knifty Knitter loom using two stands of yarn as one. Continue wrapping back and forth across these 22 pegs until each peg has been wrapped twice. Begin to wrap the loom a third time, but this time alternate the direction of the e-wrap on every other peg. The top of the "e" should face the outside of the loom on the first peg wrapped and the inside of the loom on the second peg wrapped.
  2. After all the pegs are wrapped three times, knit off using the one-over-two stitch. Continue this pattern of wrapping and knitting off until four rows have been knitted.
  3. Return to e-wrapping all the pegs with the top of the "e" facing out, as was done with the thumb of the mittens. Use the one-over-two stitch and continue wrapping and knitting off rows until 55 rows have been knitted.

Finishing the Knifty Knitter Mittens

  1. Cut the tail of the yarn 2 feet long. Thread the yarn through a yarn needle. Sew up through each loop on the pegs. After sewing through a loop, remove it from the peg.
  2. Pull the tail tight and tie a knot in the tail with the top of the mitten gathered. With the mitten turned wrong side out, sew along the side of the mitten to stitch it closed. Just before reaching the half way point, place the thumb along the seam being stitched. The right side of the thumb will be inside the glove. Stitch along the sides of the thumb to attach it to the body of the mitten, then complete the seam to complete the side of the mitten. Some trial and error is often necessary to position the thumb in exactly the correct location along the seam.
Repeat the steps above for the second mitten. The right and left mitten are identical. The pattern above will make mittens large enough for an adult. To alter the pattern for a young adult, reduce the number of pegs wrapped in each row by 2 pegs. Reduce the number of rows knitted by 5 rows. To knit a pair of mittens for a young child, reduce the number of pegs wrapped by 4 pegs. Reduce the number of rows knitted by 10 rows.

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