Monday, February 3, 2014

Leg Warmers

Knifty Knitter Leg Warmers
This pattern is for leg warmers on the small, pink, long loom. The e wrap is used to knit back and forth to create a flat panel of knit. Change the color of the yarn after every 4 rows. After the panel is removed from the loom, it is sewn together. For a teen wrap all 26 pegs. This is a variation of a pattern originally published by Provo Craft. The red round loom can also be used to knit these leg warmers. (I prefer the red round loom because you don't get variations of gap between pegs like you do around the ends of the long looms.)

1. Holding 2 strands of the grey yarn as if they are one, cast on by e wrapping the loom one time.
2. E wrap the loom.
3. Knit.
4. Repeat steps 2 - 3 until you have knitted 4 rows. (When you reach the end peg, knit it twice. Once when you reach the end of the row and again when you start the next row.)
5. Change the color to 2 strands of red yarn and repeat steps 2 - 3 until you've knitted 4 rows.
6. Change the color to grey and repeat steps 2 - 3 until you've knitted 4 rows.
7. After you've knitted 7 red stripes and 8 grey stripes, you will have grey on the loom. Continue on with the 4 more grey rows, for a total of 8 rows to make the grey band.
8. Cast off the loom, by sewing through each loop. (Don't use a crochet cast on or off. It makes the ends to tight to stretch when the leg warmers are put on.)
9. Cut the working yarn to about 24 inches. Turn the grey band under (toward the side of the knit you don't want showing outward). Whip stitch it down to form a cuff.
10. Also with the side of the knit you don't want showing facing outward, sew a seam up the side of the knit.
11. Cut the working yarn and tie a square knot.
12. Turn the leg warmer right side out so the seams are no longer showing.
13. Repeat the steps above for the second leg warmer.

**Note: To make these for a toddler, use 14 pegs and knit a total of rows. 

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