Sunday, December 15, 2013

Felted Bag Made with the Knifty Knitter Long Yellow Loom and Spool Loom

The finished felted bag measures approximately 16 inches by 6 inches. This pattern uses Patons Classic Wool yarn.
  1. E-wrap and knit 9 rows.
  2. Bring the first row up and over the pegs. Knit off to form a brim
  3. E-Wrap and Knit 42 more rows, changing the color of yarn as desired. (To change the color of yarn, leave a 3-4 inch tail on the yarn previous yarn and new yarn. Wrap the new yarn and knit as usual.)
  4.  Knit the last 2 rows very loosely.
  5. To finish, move all loops from one side of the loom to the other side. This closes the bottom of the bag.
  6. Use a crochet cast off to remove the last loop from the loom. (Thread a contrasting color yarn through the loops to remove them from the loom. Insert a crochet hook through the first loop that was removed from the loom. Chain the contrasting yarn through the first loop. Chain again with the contrasting yarn. Chain the contrasting yarn through the second loop. Continue until all loops have been crocheted using the chain stitch with one additional chain stitch between each loop.
  7. Use the spool loom and 2 strands of yarn to knit a tube approximately 50 inches long. Attach the tube at each edge of the bag to form a strap. 
  8. Felt the bag by washing it in a machine with towels. Lay flat to dry.

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