Saturday, February 9, 2013

Making a Brim : Loom Knitting a Hat or Cap

  • When you are making a brim for a hat, or cap, you start by knitting several rows. (Sixteen rows is average for a brim, but each pattern will specify the number of rows you should knit.) In the photo below, the brim is made by knitting 16 rows with 2 yarns as 1. The ewrap, or twisted stockinette stitch, is used.
  • The photo below shows the finished knit. After you have all the rows knitted for your hat brim, you reach inside the loom from the top and pull the first row of knit upward through the center of the loom. Place the loops from row 1 on the pegs.

  • Below is a photo of the loops from row 1, being placed on the pegs. When finished you will have two loops on each peg, knit off as you usually would.

Knifty Knitter Hat
  •  This is what the brim looks like on the loom when it is complete. After finishing the brim, continue to knit the rest of the hat. 18 more rows to the top and a drawstring bind off works well. You can also use this "brim" method for making sweater and sock cuffs.

This pattern is found in "Knitting with the Knifty Knitter II"

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