Saturday, April 19, 2014

Multi Colored Shawl

Knifty Knitter Shalw
1. This project can be as crazy as you want to go. You could use multiple colors or stay in the same color family. I'm always a little scared to try really far out combinations, but when I do, I really get a lot of comments.
2. Cut yarn in 3 yard pieces and arrange into the pattern of your choice. Each piece of yarn will make 2 rows of knitting.
3. First row: Using 2 of the 36" pieces of yarn, measure 18" of yarn and wrap around the peg on the outside of the loom. Wrap the last peg on the loom and turn around and go back to the first peg. Knit this row. There should be a 18" piece left on the end for the fringe.
4. Using the yarn of choice measure 18" and wrap around the peg on the outside and wrap the pegs. Knit and wrap back to the first peg. After the rows are started you can unwrap the yarn from the peg on the side of the loom.
5. After you have knit several rows you can go to the starting end and tie the 4 ends in a square knot. I used 2 strands of knitting worsted and one strand of knitting worsted and one strand of fun fur to knit together.
6. To take off of the loom cut the yarn pieces longer, measure off the 18" fringe piece and wrap and knit. When you have turned to go back, using the yarn single crochet the looms from the loom. You will need to crochet this side off very loose. Try to do both sides the same, tension.
7. The sample is 45" long, (you can make it as long as you would like). When you have done this shawl you will have the fringe finished too. Is that not great.
8. I made a square braid rope to hold the 2 corner together. Using 2 strands of the one main color, wrap 2 of the pegs on the loom in a figure 8 design knitting over the bottom loop when you have 2 loops on the pegs.
9. I knit this 15" long and tied on a tassel that is 6'? long. Thread the rope part of the knitting through the front corner of the shawl and sew on the corner of the back corner side of the shawl.
What you will need.
Provo Craft Supplies
  • X-large yellow Knifty Knitter loom and hook
Other Supplies
  • Left over pieces of yarn from other projects
  • Crochet hook J or K size

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