Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fuzzy Shrug

Knifty Knitter Shrug Pattern
1. You will be using the yellow round loom and 2 yarns - 1 Fun Fur and 1 Sparkle. If you decide to make a different colored shrug, use a yarn that coordinates with the fun fur.
2. E wrap the full loom with the 2 yarns, turning on the last peg and coming back to the first peg. Continue wrapping and knitting until you have 6 inches of knitting.
3. Like doing the brim on the hats, reach inside the loom and put the stitches from the first row over the pegs to form the cuff. Knit off this row. You will also have to stitch the sides together to make the cuff.
4. Change to the coordinating yarn and cutting the fun fur off, continue knitting until you have the desired length. Measure across your shoulders and consider that you have 3'? cuffs on the ends.
5. When you have knitted the desired length, add your fun fur back and discontinue one of the coordinating threads. Using both of the yarns knit the cuff for this end of the shrug. (This will be the brim for the second sleeve). Take the knitting off of the loom using the crochet hook and using single crochet Take the end of your sleeve and fold it and stitch it closed with the yarn to match the first sleeve end. Wash by hand.
What you will need.
Provo Craft Supplies
  • Ex-large Knifty Knitter loom (yellow) and hook
  • Yarn needle
Other Supplies
  • Crochet hook J or K size
  • 2 skeins of Boucle by Bernet yarn
  • 1 skein of white Fun Fur and 2 skeins, white frost, Sparkle, Wool-ease from Lion Brand yarn

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