Sunday, December 15, 2013

Honeycomb Knit on a Long Loom

Honeycomb knit is a beautiful and stretchy knit that is ideal in blankets and scarves. It is created by alternating the direction of the double ribbed stitch to make a "honeycomb" pattern.

  1. Secure the yarn to the anchor peg.
  2. E-wrap the first bottom peg.
  3. Pull yarn up to the peg directly above it and e-wrap.
  4. Pull yarn to the peg directly beside and e-wrap. 
  5. Pull yarn down to the peg directly below and e-wrap.
  6. Pull yarn to the peg directly beside and e-wrap.

  7. Repeat steps 3-7 until you've reached the end of the loom.
  8. For the second wrap, trace the path of the yarn back to the beginning peg. Trace the path exactly as it appears in the previous row.
  9. Knit off.
  10. Continue wrapping and knitting until you have completed 7 rows.

  1. Reverse the direction of the boxes, so that the yarn follows the opposite path, crossing from peg to peg where there was an empty space in the previous row.
  2.  Knit seven rows with the yarn in the opposite path.
  3. Return to the original path of the yarn and knit 7 rows. Continue until the knit reaches the desired length.  

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