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Woven Top Hat Pattern for the Knifty Knitter Purple Hat Loom

Woven Top Hat
This is an modified version of the "Flat-Topped Hat" from the Provo Craft booklet "Knifty Knitter Adult Hat Loom Patterns," This hat is flat at the top and begins by weaving the yarns on the loom, rather than knitting. The body of the hat is 9 rows of e wrapped knit. The brim of the hat in the original pattern alternated knit and purl stitches to make a ribbing around the brim. My thoughts are that this would make a great Easter basket if a handle were added. There is a Provo Craft pattern for a backpack that starts much the same with a woven bottom.
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  1. Before you begin number the pegs on the purple hat loom. Hold the loom with the pegs pointing toward you. The anchor peg should be positioned at the bottom. Peg 1 will be just above the anchor peg and slightly to the right. Continue numbering to 48 in a counter clockwise direction.
  2. Measure 20 yards of yarn fold it in half and using two yarns as if they are one prepare the loom.
  3. Wrap the anchor peg.
  4. Pull the yarn across the loom and wrap peg 24. 

  5. Cross the loom back to peg 48. Wrap under and pull yarn across to peg 2.
  6. Pull the yarn up to peg 23. Weave over and under to peg 25. 
  7. Cross back to 47. Wrap peg. Weave over and under to peg 2.
  8. Cross to peg 22. (Continue in this manner until you get to peg 13.)
  9. Go around peg 37 and weave back. This finishes the hat top.
  10. Ewrap the loom and knit 9 rows.
  11. For the brim - Knit 5 rows of ribbing, by alternating knit and purl stitches. (k,p,k,p,k,p,etc.)
  12. Crochet cast off.
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