Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Kimono Slippers

You will need:
  • Knifty Knitter red round loom
  • Worsted weight yarn (Red Heart - Hot Pink)
  • Yarn needle
  1. Cast on by e wrapping all the pegs of the red loom. 
  2. Change directions and wrap the loom back to the first peg as you would to knit a flat panel.
  3. Knit 16 rows.
  4. On the 17th row, knit only 19 pegs, then reverse directions and knit only 7 pegs. Continue knitting back and forth on these 7 pegs for 40 rows. (When you finish you will have what looks like a large T.)
  5. Cast off using the crochet cast off.
  6. Holding the knit as if it is a capital letter T, pull the right side of the top of the T down to the bottom and sew it in place. Repeat this bringing the left side of the capital T down to the bottom and sewing it in place where you previously sewed. This is the toe of the slipper.
  7. Sew along the sides of the slipper where it meets the bottom of the slipper.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Elmo Earflap Hat - Loom Knit

Elmo Earflap Hat
Elmo Earflap Hat

I've been working on some kid's earflap hats. I've been using a method very similar to the one in the video. She does an amazing job of explaining the process and marking the pegs for the earflaps.

I used the red round loom for an infant/toddler to make an Elmo hat. I used 2 strands of Red Heart red yarn and 1 strand of fun fur. I made the earflaps using 5 pegs on each side of the loom.

One thing I do slightly differently than the video, is after I knit the first earflap, I wrap across to the next one. After I've knitted it, I wrap back to the first earflap, so I end with one loop on the entire loom, rather than only where the earflaps are located. This prevents me from ever having to cut the yarn.

Anyway, here are photos of my Elmo hat in progress. I still need to add his face and the braids to the side of the earflaps. When I'm done with him, I have hopes of starting Cookie Monster. We love Sesame Street.

Make Earflap Hat

Knifty Knitter Earflap Hat
Second Earflap

Knifty Knitter Elmo
Elmo Hat Off the Loom

Loom Knit Elmo Hat
Knifty Knitter Elmo hat
I used strands of yarn cut to about 12 inches. I thread 3 strands through each of the 3 "holes" on the earflap. (The holes are really just gaps in the stitches.) After you feed the strands through, they are folded in half, so they hang down 6 inches. I took each of the 3 yarn sections and braided them. Around the bottom of the braid, I wrapped and tied a piece of yarn to secure the braid.

For the eyes, I used 2 strands of worsted weight white yarn and knitted 6 rows on the large end of the spool loom. I stuffed each eye with 3 cotton balls. I pulled both ends of the eye closed by sewing through each loop in the row and pulling the yarn tight. Next, I sewed on black felt for the mouth and center of each eye.

For the nose, I e wrapped and knitted 7 rows from the large end of the spool loom again. I used 2 strands of worsted weight orange yarn. I did it much the same as the eyes, accept I only stuffed it with one cotton ball to give it a more elongated appearance.

I used red yarn to stitch the eyes and nose to the hat, working from the inside so the stitching doesn't show. I used black thread to stitch the felt mouth and eye centers on.

My granddaughter is not quite 2 years old, she's 22 months as I write this. The hat done on the red loom fit her, but it was a little snug. The next earflap hat that I make for her (Cookie Monster) will be knitted on the green loom, so she will have room to grow into it.

Elmo Hat Loom Knit

Loom Knit Elmo Earflap Hat

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Knifty Knitter Purl Stitches


Step 1: Slide the loops on the loom to the middle.
Purl Stitch Step 1
Step 2: Lay the wrapping yarn across the front of the pegs. Purl Stitch Step 2
Step 3: Then, using the hook, go under the loop and pull the wrapping yarn up through. Purl Stitch Step 3
Step 4: Take the loop off of the peg... Purl Stitch Step 4
Step 5: ...and replace it with the loop that is pulled through. Purl Stitch Step 5
Note: This stitch will make ribbed edges for hats, handbags and many other projects.

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