Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Instructions for backpackknifty knitter backpack pattern
1. Using the yellow loom and using only one strand of yarn, wrap loom as picture shows. (Diagram #1)
2. Thread a yarn needle and starting as close to the center as possible, start to weave over and under, every 2 threads. (Diagram #2)
3. As you go around, you are weaving on an odd number of pegs (41 pegs). When you get back to the starting point, you will be going opposite over and under. (If you went over the first time you will be going under this row.)
4. Continue until you have as many rows as you can weave on the loom. It needs to be tight, but not too tight.
5. Leave the loops on the loom and wrap one more row on the loom. Knit the bottom loops over and continue knitting until your bag measures 17" or 55 rows of knitting. Crochet the loops from the loom loosely.
6. If you have to add yarn, be sure that you tie the new piece or pieces on inside the bag.
7. Measure 3 pieces of yarn 6' long and braid for the tie closer. Count down from the top of the bag 5 rows. Now weave the long braided piece in and out of the rows of knitting.
8. Using leather strips, braid them together and hook on to the bag as shown in diagram #3. Add your favorite possessions and you are on your way.

What you will need:
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