Friday, April 25, 2014

Tassel Neck Pillow

Knifty Knitter Pillow
1. Using Sensations Angel Hair yarn, e-wrap the first row of the yellow loom.
2. Use a purl stitch on the remaining rows of the loom. To purl stitch, lay the wrapping yarn across the front of the pegs below the loops. Using the Knifty Knitter hook, go under the loop and pull the wrapping yarn up through the loop. Take the original loop off the peg and replace it with the loop that is pulled through. (See Purl Stitch on the Knifty Knitter page at for step-by-step instructions with images.)
3. Purl stitch until knitting is 18" long or desired size. Remove knitting from loom loosely and sew up one end to make a pillow form. Stuff and sew up the other end.
4. Using Lion Brand Vanna's Choice yarn, make 4 tassels using the Pom-Pom and Tassel Maker. Attach one tassel to each corner of pillow.

What you will need:

Provo Craft Supplies
Other Supplies
    Knifty Knitter Long Loom Set
  • Crochet hook
  • 1 skein Jo-Ann Sensations Angel Hair (3.5 oz/100g), Purple
  • 1 skein Lion Brand® Vanna's Choice, Medium (3.5 oz/100g), #860-147 Purple
  • Yarn needle
  • Stuffing for pillow

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