Saturday, April 19, 2014

Scrap Mittens

Knifty Knitter Scrap Mittens
1. Right Hand Mitten: Using the blue loom and main color of yarn (burgundy) wrap 20 of the pegs and knit flat for 17 rows or the length you may want for the wrist.
2. Increase one stitch on each end of the knitting until the loom is full. Continue knitting in the round for 4 rows.
3. (1) Knit 3 stitches going counter clock wise, with the main color (burgundy). Change to the thumb color of yarn (brown). (2) Start on peg #1 and wrap to the peg #9.(3)
4. (4) Knit over pegs 4,5,6,7, of the main color of yarn (burgundy). Continue knitting on these 9 pegs for 14 or 15 rows. (5)
5. You will have the burgundy loops on the pegs 1,2,3, and 8,9. (6)(7) Just leave them on the pegs to hold them. (8) Continue knitting on these 9 pegs until your thumb is 3.5" long or about 12 rows. Leave a 14" piece of yarn and thread through the end of the thumb loops with the color yarn that you are using (brown). (9) (10)
6. (11) Pick up the main color yarn (burgundy) and wrap the 4 empty pegs and continue on around and knit 21 more rows. Use a 14" piece of yarn run through the loops on the top of the mitten and pull up tight.
7. Sew up the cuff and pull up the loops on the end of the thumb and sew down the inside of the thumb and around the bottom of the thumb.
8. Left Hand Mitten: Do the same instructions as the right hand until you get to the part of adding the thumb.
9. You will have knit the 4 rows in the round with all of the pegs knitted on. Wrap and knit to peg #13.
10. Change to the thumb color and wrap pegs 12 through 20. Knit over the burgundy stitches on pegs #14,15,16,17. Continue with the thumb on the 9 pegs numbers 12 thur20.
What you will need.
Provo Craft Supplies
Other Supplies
  • Any two colors or knitting worsted yarn
  • Can be done with yarn left over from other projects

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