Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to Panel Knit


Single panel knitting is the method of knitting that creates a single "sheet" of fabric instead of a "tube" of fabric. One can also double panel knit to create a thick flat "sheet." For single panel knit, you work back and forth.

Step 1: "E-wrap" yarn around pegs (wrapping loops that look like several cursive lowercase e's — notice that the yarn crosses on the inside of the loom, the wrapping is done by going in a clockwise direction) until you have one loop on each peg (or until desired width is reached).

Step 2: Turn at last peg. This peg is also referred to as a "turning" peg. This is done by taking the yarn to the outside of the loom and wrap the last peg (or turning peg) in a counter-clockwise direction. Wrap second loop around second to last peg, continue to wrap pegs in opposite direction as the first row, etc.

Step 3: Continue wrapping rest of pegs back to first peg.

Step 4: Knit off (lifting bottom loop over top loop) and continue wrapping and knitting off back and forth until fabric is desired length.

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