Monday, February 24, 2014

Patterned Hat

Knifty Knitter Hat

For Adult Size Hat Loom
1. Start at top of hat: E-wrap around the entire hat loom twice. Knit off (taking the bottom loop over top loop and peg). Repeat 2 more times. TIP: The e-wrap is a basic wrap of the yarn around the pegs. It crosses on the inside of the loom, and looks like a cursive lowercase e when viewed from above.
2. Create patterned row: Take the loop on peg 1 and place it on peg 2. Knit off on peg 2 leaving peg 1 empty. Repeat with peg 3 and peg 4, taking the loop on peg 3, placing it on peg 4, and knitting off on peg 4. Continue this pattern around the loom, leaving every other peg empty.
3. E-wrap the entire loom again, and then knit off on every other peg that has 2 loops on it. The loom will then have one loop on each peg.
4. E-wrap and knit off 3 more rows. Then repeat steps 2 and 3.
5. Continue knitting with desired pattern until hat is desired height. (We used 6 patterned rows total and ended with 3 knit rows.)
6. Create brim: E-wrap twice around the loom and then knit off. Use the purl stitch on the next row (see instructions for Purl Stitch on the Knifty Knitter page). E-wrap and knit off the third row, and then purl stitch on the fourth row. Repeat this pattern, alternating e-wrapping and purl stitching for 4 more rows.
7. Crochet the loops off of the loom using a loose chain stitch and keep it loose or otherwise it will be too tight (see instructions for Chain Stitch on the Knifty Knitter page).
What you will need.
Provo Craft Supplies
  • Knifty Knitter® Adult Size Hat Loom
  • Knifty Knitter hook
Other Supplies
  • 1 skein medium yarn
  • Crochet hook

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