Sunday, February 23, 2014

Magic Fun Fur Scarf

Knifty Knitter Magic Fun Fur ScarfKnifty Knitter Magic Fun Fur Scarf

1. Knit scarf on green loom using one strand of eyelash yarn (Fun Fur works great).
2. Knit around loom until scarf reaches desired length. (Make sure you leave about 7 yards on skein to finish scarf.)
3. Pull loop off the first peg onto a size K crochet hook. Chain two. Pull loop off 2nd peg. (You should now have two loops on your crochet hook.)
4. Keeping stitches VERY loose, single crochet (wrap yarn and pull through first loop, then wrap yarn and pull through both loops). Chain one.
5. Pull a loop off the next peg. Single crochet and chain one.
6. Continue around (single crochet, chain one) until all pegs are cleared.

7. Connect to the beginning of row with a secure knot. Cut end, leaving one inch.
This versatile scarf is easy to make on the Knifty Knitter and can be worn a variety of ways. Reach inside the scarf and it will stretch to several times its original size. Now it can be worn as a hood, cowl, or shawl.
What you will need
Provo Craft Supplies
Round Loom—green (or use the yellow loom if you want a larger scarf)

Other Supplies
3 skeins of Fun Fur
Crochet hook size K

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