Friday, January 31, 2014

Flat Top Hat Pattern

The flat top hat is flat at the top because it's finished with a horizontal seam, rather than gathered. This pattern is knitted with 2 yarns as if they are one. You can use fun fur for one of the yarns if you wish. For a small woman's hat the green round loom is used. If you like a larger hat, use the purple hat loom, or the extra large yellow loom.

  1. Knit 20 rows. 
  2. Make a brim by pulling the first row up through the center of the loom. Put the loops back on the pegs. Knit.
    (Now you have a double thickness brim.)
  3. Knit 20 more rows.
  4. Crochet cast off.
  5. Turn the hat inside out. Whip stitch the top closed as a flat seam, or crochet it closed as a flat seam, whichever you prefer.
  6. Tie off the yarn. 
  7. Turn the hat right side out.

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