Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Great Big Monster Blanket that Took Me Months to Loom - DONE!

This blanket was a gift for one of my boys that is a KU fan. I knitted each of the super long panels in the photo above using the fashion stitch on the blue long loom. This is how I did it:

  1. Cast on to the blue long loom with the 8 wrap holding 2 medium weight strands of yarn as one. Below is a photo of the eight wrap. It is not the blue loom you are currently using, but it is an example of how to do the cast on.
  2. Knit 400 rows per panel using the fashion stitch. Below is my video of the fashion stitch.
  3. Crochet cast off leaving a long tail of working yarn to sew the panels together. Tie the working yarns in a square knot to secure them where the knit ends, but leave them about 10 feet long. Below is my video of the cast off:
  4. Thread the working yarn through a yarn needle and mattress stitch the panels together. Below is my video of the mattress stitch, it is for a different blanket, but the method is the same. Look for the 2 small bars inside each stitch and sew through them: 
  5. Use your favorite ribbon to decorate the blanket.

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