Thursday, April 24, 2014

Knifty Knitter Flag Blanket

Knifty Knitter Flag Blanket
This project measures 40.5" x 60" -- This project is done in panels and can be easily taken with you in your travels.

1. You will be using 2 strands of yarn as one throughout the entire project.

 Split panels: Use the Knifty Knitter Round Loom in Blue and 2 strands of blue yarn to e-wrap 9 pegs. Wrap these 9 pegs then knit back and forth for 36 rows. Change to the red yarn and knit 54 more rows. Create 4 of these panels.

 E-wrap the loom with the blue yarn and knit 36 rows then change to the white yarn and knit 54 more rows. Create 3 of these panels.

 Long panels: E-wrap 9 pegs on the loom with the white yarn and knit 90 rows. Create 3 of these panels.

 E-wrap 9 pegs on the loom with the red yarn and knit 90 rows. Create 3 of these panels.

 Use the yarn needle and sew the stripes together to make blanket. Cut the 13 stars from felt and sew on with sewing thread and needle.

Note: When this blanket was first knit the designer knit the blue background using the Knifty Knitter Round Loom Yellow, all in one piece. Because the pegs on this loom are wider apart it knits a different gauge than the blue loom, which the stripes were knit on. The pegs are closer together on the smaller loom. It was very hard to make the blanket sew together right, so we have changed the pattern and hope that you will enjoy creating this fun blanket.

What you will need:
Provo Craft Supplies
Other Supplies
  • 2 skeins blue yarn
  • 4 skeins red yarn
  • 3 skeins white yarn


  1. I've made 2 of the white panels so far and they don't even come close to being 40.5" long. Any suggestions on what could be wrong?

  2. Help! My panels are not even close to 40.5". What could be wrong?

  3. I appreciate the free pattern. Love this design. But I'm not sure about the measurements you have listed. I followed your pattern and mine are super small. Not to sound rude but did you actually make the one pictured? And if you did then your measurement are incorrect.

    1. Hi,
      I am a retailer for the Knifty Knitter looms from Provo Craft. The pattern is from Provo Craft.

    2. You can correct it by knitting the panels to the correct length and ignoring number of rows listed.


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