Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Simple Single Panel Scarf for Beginners

Knifty Knitter Scarf - Beginners

Provo Craft Tools

Other Supplies

  • 1 skein green 4-ply knitting worsted yarn
  • 1 skein variegated green 4-ply or knitting worsted yarn
  • crochet hook size G or H


Note: This is a very good project for a beginner to learn the basics of loom knitting. It is also a very good project for understanding how a flat panel can be knitted on a round loom. Flat panels do have a tendency to roll at the edges, and as you can see in the photo, both sides of the scarf are not the same.

Skill level: Beginner

Step 1: Using 2 strands of green yarn, wrap all the way around the loom to peg 24

Step 2:Using peg 24 as the turning peg, wrap back to the first peg, wrapping the opposite way. Knit the first row over the second row. (There will only be one wrap around peg 24 until you wrap back on the third row.)

Step 3: Turn and wrap again. Continue knitting and wrapping for 19 rows.

Step 4: Change one of the green yarns to the variegated yarn and knit seven rows.

Step 5: Change back to the green and knit seven rows.

Step 6: Change to variegated and knit approximately 47" to the other end of the scarf. Repeat the pattern going backwards to make the ends look alike.

Step 7: To remove from the loom, you may want to use a crochet hook. Lift the first loop from the peg and then life the second loop from the peg. Loosely crochet through these two loops and then take off the third loop and crochet through the two loops on the needle. Continue taking all of the loops from the loom and pull the yarn through the last loop. Pull tight and cut the yarn, leaving 4" or 5" to weave into the scarf.
Step 8: Cut 7" pieces of yarn to make fringe.

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