Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Knifty Knitter Rectangle Loom Scarf

SCARF INSTRUCTIONS  Note: This is the basic "eight wrap" scarf for the rectangle loom. These instructions have been available in the product packaging for the rectangle loom.
It is usually best to knit with two strands of knitting worsted yarn held together (treating them like one strand) or to use one strand of bulky yarn.
Step 1: Wrap the end of the yarn around the peg on the end of the loom to hold the yarn in place.
Step 2: Using the illustration as a guide, start with the yarn between pegs 1 and 3, and wrap the yarn around peg 1. Bring yarn between pegs 2 and 4 and wrap around peg 2. Then pull the yarn between pegs 3 and 5, and wrap around peg 3. Continue in this figure-8 method until you have wrapped the yarn around enough pegs to match the desired width of your project.
Step 3: When you get to the last even-numbered peg you want to use, wrap it and then pull the yarn straight across the loom to the corresponding odd-numbered peg, as shown.
Step 4a: Wrap the odd-numbered peg (now there will be two loops on it). Wrap the even-numbered peg that is diagonal to the peg you just wrapped, instead of wrapping the even-numbered peg across from the peg you just wrapped (a).

Step 4b: Continue wrapping back toward peg 1 in the figure-8 pattern, following the lines of the previous row. After you have wrapped peg 1, pull the yarn straight across between peg 2 and peg 4 (b).

Step 5: Holding the yarn in place with your finger, use the enclosed hook to lift the bottom yarn loop on peg 1 over the top loop and off the peg. Continue with the hook to lift the bottom row of yarn loops over the top row and off of each peg, as shown.

Step 6: Wrap peg 2, then peg 3, then peg 4, and so on, wrapping the pegs in the same figure-8 pattern. When you reach the last even-numbered peg, wrap it, then pull the yarn straight across to the corresponding odd-numbered peg (Step 3). Hold the yarn in place with your finger while you lift the bottom loop over the top loop and off of the last even-numbered peg. Then pull all the other bottom loops over the top loops and off the pegs. Repeat Steps 4-6 until your project has reached the desired length. After finishing several rows, you can remove the original end of yarn from the outside peg and let it hang. (Note: The knitting will be very loose. You will need to knit several rows before your project is visible.)

Step 7: When your project has reached the desired length, and only one row of loops remains on the pegs, you are ready to remove the yarn from the loom. Cut the end of your wrapping yarn (leaving a few inches). Using a crochet hook, size G or H, start at the end opposite the yarn tail, and lift the loop off the odd-numbered peg with the crochet hook. Go straight across the loom to the even-numbered peg and lift that loop off with the hook. Now you have two loops on your crochet hook. Pull the second loop through the first.

Step 8: Then, using the hook, go under the loop and pull the wrapping yarn up through.

Here are photos of some eight wrap scarfs that I've done. They are done with only one yarn.

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