Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Patriotic Decoration

1. This pattern takes a long time, but it can be done in steps and it does not seem so long. Place your finished pieces in a plastic bag to store between seasons.
2. This project is knit in the cable stitch where you use a single strand of knitting worsted yarn and e wrap three rows on the looms and then take the bottom row up and over the other 2 rows (One-over-two stitch). Add one row and take the bottom row over the 2 rows.  
3. Start with the green loom and wrap all of the pegs on the loom, knit 30 rows."  Pull up the loops from the loom as you would if you were making a hat top." 
4. Make sure that you leave a hole in the middle to put over the dowel."  Run a piece of yarn through the beginning stitches and pull them up tight. (leave a hole to put the dowel through).
5. I felt that this would be an easier way to show how to make the rings."  There are 15 knitted disks.
6. Green loom: Claret or red 30 rows. Aren or white 30 rows. Claret or red 27 rows Aren or white 27 rows
7. Red loom: Claret or red 30 rows Aren or white 27 rows Claret or red 24 rows Aren or white 21 rows
8. Blue loom: Claret or red 27 rows Aren or white 24 rows Claret or red 21 rows Aren or white 18 Claret or red 15 Soft navy or Royal Blue 15 rows Soft navy or Royal Blue 13 rows Soft navy or Royal Blue"  11 rows
9. Using the white or aren yarn in the middle of the knitted blue pieces do a cross stitch and a stitch through the middle of the X.
10. Stack the circles in order and top with the wooden star.
What you will need.
Provo Craft Supplies
  • Green Loom, Red Loom, Blue Loom
Other Supplies
  • 18 oz. of Claret or Red
  • 18 oz. of Aran or White
  • 18 oz. of Soft Navy or Royal Blue from a craft store:
  • 14 inch .5" dowel Wood Base
  • Star 1.5'?

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