Saturday, January 7, 2012

Loom Knitting Stitches - Flat vs. Twisted Stockinette

If you've ever tried to compare loom knitting stitches to those made with traditional knitting needles, you will find that the stockinette stitch is the basic "knit" stitch. In loom knitting, we sometimes call the stitches by the method we use to wrap them.

For example, the twisted stockinette stitch is called the "e wrap" stitch, because you form a cursive letter "e" around each peg as you wrap the loom. So, "e wrap" = twisted stockinette stitch.

The other type of stockinette stitch is the flat stockinette. I refer to the flat stockinette stitch as the "no wrap" stitch, because you don't have to wrap the loom at all as you make it. There is a method of making the flat stockinette stitch called the "u wrap" method. It is the same as the "no wrap" stitch, but the working yarn is moved as if it's making a "u turn" around the working peg while knitting. This is supposed to prevent the knit from becoming too tight as you work. Instead of using the "u wrap," I just give each of my stitches a little tug with my hook after I've knitted them to prevent them from becoming too tight on the loom. So, "no wrap" = flat stockinette stitch. Also, "u wrap"  = flat stockinette stitch too.

The photo above compares the "e wrap" and the "no wrap" stitches, or should I say, "twisted stockinette" and "flat stockinette" stitches. If you look closely at the no wrap knit, you can see small open spaces, also the finished knit isn't as wide. The e wrap knit is wider and looks a bit bulkier. You can't see any open spaces in the e wrap knit.

There it is! Everything you ever wanted to know about making the stockinette (knit) stitch on a loom... and more!

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  1. I've tried the flat stockinette on a few rows and was that ever a pain! I didn't give enough slack with each stitch, and bent my hook a bit by the time I gave them up and went back to e-wrap. Thanks for the pointer, as my next project will look better with a section of looser flat stockinette between the E's.


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