Monday, January 3, 2011

No Wrap and EWrap Stitch Alternate

I wanted to show you the new Knifty Knitter project I've been working on that alternates the Ewrap and the no wrap stitches. The no wrap stitch is sometimes called the "knit" stitch also. The result is a typical knit pattern with a purl stitch on one side and the knit stitch on the other.

Anyway, alternating the no wrap, or knit stitch, with an Ewrap stitch, gives you this look:
There are 7 rows of the no wrap stitch followed by 3 rows of the Ewrap stitch. Alternating the stitches in this way helped keep the finished project from shrinking so much as I took it off the loom. What I mean by that is that most projects done in a no wrap, or knit stitch, shrink to about half their size when removed from the loom. The Ewrap stitch incorporated between rows gives a bit off pull to the knit stitches. See how the Ewrap rows are a bit wider?

This project is an infant hat. I am crocheting the brim of the hat right now. The project will be posted soon to this blog.

Happy Knifty Knitting,

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